Affiliate terms & conditions

If you're interested in earning commissions you need to track the products you promote. Here's how you can create tracking links:

Go to the "My Account" interface.

Look for the "Affiliate Tracking" link.

Click on it to create your unique tracking links.

The interface shown in the above screenshot allows you to create tracking links per product. The Your Tracking Code field shows your unique tracking code. So, you should keep it as it is.

Next, the Tracking Link Generator field allows you to select the product for which you want to create an affiliate tracking link. It's an auto-complete field, so as you start typing, it'll suggest to you the products already available in the store.

Now, once you select the product, it'll right away populate the field Tracking Link for you! And yeah, this is your affiliate tracking link for the product you've selected just above. So now, you want to place a related image on your site with this link, and it will take a user to the product detail page. If the user buys that product, you'll get your 5% commission!

You can transfer affiliate earnings to a customer account or request to withdraw to your bank account in Euro.